Estonian startup AuvoDigital launch public beta for AuvoID the no code organization and verifiable data management platform.

Estonian startup AuvoDigital launch public beta for AuvoID the no code organization identity and verifiable data management platform.

Building verifiable trust in your business or organization is becoming central to modern success in the digital world. AuvoID aims to provide an end-to-end solution for any business to reach their compliancy goals, and bring value to their organizations data by putting the entire verifiable identity stack into one platform.

The verifiable identity and data ecosystem is packed full of hundreds of products, solutions, and features, which can be a daunting experience when trying to navigate the space. Many use cases require multiple features, products, and platforms to solve just one challenge.

AuvoID makes life easier, by putting the entire verifiable identity stack in one easy-to-use no code platform. Offering a versatile, customizable platform, that can support organization use cases, in any industry, all without you having to write a single line of code.


Build trust in your identity and data, without a single line of code.

AuvoID revolutionizes the approach to data and identity management by supporting organizations with a versatile platform that can empower everyone to gain access to complex identity verification and data management tools, without the resource heavy development processes. Making use of decentralized identity technology and verifiable credentials, AuvoID allows business owners the opportunity to get setup with their organization identity and to start issuing verifiable data and engaging in complex trust ecosystems in minutes, not months.

Stay compliant

The recently passed eIDAS 2.0 regulations within the EU have put a timeline on compliance to the support and integration of modern identity technologies into required sectors and businesses looking to stay on top of their compliance have a long road ahead. With AuvoID, compliance is built into the platform, allowing organizations to stay in line with regulatory frameworks, without the tiresome research, updates, and maintenance.

Build faster

Timelines for demo builds and proof of concepts can be extensive, with a lot of research and iteration required to ensure interoperability and stability of verifiable identity and credential solutions. What AuvoID does, is provide an extensible platform of tools and no code flow builders, that already support interoperability and functionality, to ensure organizations save months of back and forth researching complex solutions. 

Save resources

With such complex technologies involved in the verifiable identity and data space, solutions can involve upwards of hundreds of thousands of euros in development expenses. With AuvoID, the development has already been done. Organizations can save on extensive resource allocation and focus on the core use case and user experience of their solutions, specific to their use case.

Build better

Deciding how to present your solutions, how to create interactive flows, and user experiences, is always a concern when developing with new and complicated technologies. With over three years research and development going into the creation of AuvoID, complex flows, credential issuance, templating, and management, are all seamless features, that allow organizations to build out better, more user focused experiences, that are easy to manage and reproduce, for streamlining user experience.

The entire identity stack in one place.

AuvoID is a customizable platform, that supports a versatile array of verifiable identity and credentialing features. The extensible flow creation and credential templating solutions allow organizations the opportunity to create any verifiable data set that can be easily issued to other identities and verified back to the original issuer.

With many solutions requiring anything from KYC to Passwordless sign on, user authentication to access management, digital ticketing to verifiable diplomas, or supply chain documents to passports and drivers licenses, there are many different tools required to create just one seamless user solution. Whether it is a custom form builder, payment gateways, credential application logic, document signing, or anything in between AuvoID brings it all together, so complex user flows and experiences can be built without the need to integrate hundreds of different platforms or solutions to satisfy a specific use case.

Working with such KYC and AML partners as Veriff and Au10tix, integrated GDPR and other international data regulation compliance, or issuance frameworks such as open badges or Transmute trade document standards, AuvoID is the only platform on the market that can offer such versatile, scalable solutions all in one place.

Compliant by design

The eIDAS 2.0 regulation along with the EU Digital Identity Wallet Framework have brought verifiable identity and trusted data to the forefront of business development priorities. With compliance mandatory over the next two years, it is paramount for businesses to ensure they are ready when the law comes into effect. But this is only one standard framework. Every industry and sector is governed by numerous data standards and frameworks, and with AuvoID we ensure these are front and centre as well.

For example, in education such important standards as Open Badges, LT1, and other credential data standards exist, in travel IATA, trade GS1, GLEIF, Transmute Vocabulary, and across numerous other sectors, similar standards exist which are all required to stay compliant and interoperable in such sectors. AuvoID is extensible and can support all these standards as it grows. Allowing it to become a leading platform that spans across borders and industries, supporting organizations around the globe.

The AuvoID public BETA

The launch of the public BETA of AuvoID allows any organization the opportunity to start exploring the simplicity of integrating verifiable identity and data management into their solutions without any complex investment. The core product introduces the main features of the technology, and will provide an easy platform to experience how the technology can be used within your organization.

Additional features, extensions, third-party extensions, and the full feature platform will go live following a period of testing and public feedback on the core platform which in itself is packed full of features.

Organization Identity Management

Manage multiple organization identities, connect them with custom domains, to allow your organization identity and credentials issued by you to be verifiable back to your organization. Distribute your organization across multiple identities for branch or department management and access to key features and templates.

Verifiable Data Templates

Create extensible, custom credential templates that support any data input, that can allow you to build out complex verifiable data sets that can be signed and issued to users or other organizations, and can be reused across multiple experiences. 

Credential Issuance and Management

Issue credentials directly to user, or create batch issuance templates to issue credentials to tens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of users in one go. Build out requirements for credential issuance, whether it is user required data or organization managed data entry, and upload or export csv data sets for streamlined integration into existing data management system.

Organization Team Management

Create custom roles and permissions to allow your team access to specific areas of the AuvoID platform, add team members to organization identities and allow them granularized access to credentials and templates, organization management, and other settings.

Credential Verification

Verify credentials through digital interactions using numerous interoperable digital identity wallets. Create verifiable data flows that allow digital verification of credentials through custom verification requirements.

Public Organization Profiles

Create a public organization profile and share verifiable organization information, such as credentials, application opportunities, organization verified identities, and schema lists, to allow your organization information to be integrated into 3rd party applications.

Public User Applications

Allow users to publicly apply for your credentials through an open portal, providing easy access to credentials through a public dashboard system that your users can access either through private, or public access.

These are just a few of the core features included within the Public BETA for AuvoID, which is live now. Additional features such as custom user flow builder, custom verification flows, passwordless sign on modules, trust networks, embeds, APIs, KYC/AML, Biometric Verification, Reusable ID, Digital Document Scanner, Qualified Signatures, Industry specific extensions, and more will follow the public BETA release. 

What are you waiting for?

Get setup in seconds with AuvoID BETA and start exploring the world of verifiable identity, without barriers, now.

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