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What is AuvoID?

AuvoID is a comprehensive identity management platform that enables organizations and individuals to securely manage digital identities, issue verifiable credentials, and streamline authentication processes.

What is an Organization Identity?

An organization identity is a cryptographically secured identifier that is controlled by you. It can be connected to your business and web domain, and can be used to digitally sign verifiable information (credentials) about other identities, such as users, customers, partners, or products.

How does AuvoDigital ensure security and authenticity in digital identity management?

AuvoDigital employs robust security measures, including cryptographic techniques and decentralized identity frameworks, to ensure the security and authenticity of digital identities and credentials, protecting against tampering, fraud, and unauthorized access.

Can organizations customize their identity profiles on AuvoID?

Yes, organizations can customize their identity profiles on AuvoID with personalized attributes, branding, and public organization profiles, enhancing trust and credibility in digital interactions.

How does AuvoID handle credential issuance?

AuvoID facilitates secure and efficient credential issuance using global standards, enabling organizations to create custom credential templates, batch issue credentials, and streamline the application process for users, using interoperable, secure cryptographic proof.

Is passwordless sign-on available on AuvoID?

Yes, AuvoID offers passwordless sign-on options, allowing users to access accounts and services seamlessly with secure authentication methods, enhancing security and user experience.

Can organizations manage teams and user roles on AuvoID?

Yes, organizations can manage teams and define custom roles and permissions for team members within AuvoID, facilitating collaboration, communication, and workflow optimization.

How does pricing work for AuvoID?

AuvoID offers flexible pricing plans tailored to organizations' size, needs, and budget, with options for monthly subscriptions, usage-based pricing, and customizable upgrades to accommodate growth and evolving requirements.

What is verifiable identity, and how does AuvoDigital leverage it?

Verifiable identity refers to the ability to digitally prove and verify the authenticity of an individual's identity attributes or claims in a secure and tamper-proof manner. AuvoDigital leverages verifiable identity technology, including decentralized identity frameworks and cryptographic techniques, to enable secure and trustworthy digital interactions.

How can organizations benefit from partnering with AuvoDigital?

Partnerships with AuvoDigital offer organizations access to expertise, resources, and capabilities in verifiable identity technology, facilitating innovation, market expansion, and ecosystem integration.

What are some examples of use cases for AuvoDigital's verifiable identity solutions?

Use cases for AuvoDigital's verifiable identity solutions include passwordless sign-on, reusable KYC, digital ticketing, access management, human identity, digital certification, electronic voting, digital trade documents, and open badges.

Do I have to be an Organization to use AuvoID?

Not at all! AuvoID is open for everyone to use, you do not need to be an organization, an enterprise, or anything. Anyone can get setup and started using AuvoID in a matter of minutes.