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AuvoID can help your organization to build trust in your network, innovate new features, streamline processes, and save valuable time and resources with verifiable identity and verifiable data.


Governments can streamline public services, enhance security, and combat identity fraud. From issuing digital IDs to citizens to facilitating secure online transactions, governments can leverage verifiable identity to improve efficiency and transparency in their operations.

Legal documents.

Governments can revolutionize the management of legal documents, ensuring their authenticity, integrity, and accessibility while enhancing citizen trust in official records and transactions.

Legal identity.

Verifiable identity through decentralized systems ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of legal identity, bolstering citizen confidence and reducing instances of identity theft or fraud.

Public services.

Digital credentials play a crucial role in delivering public services more efficiently and conveniently. Whether accessing government benefits, applying for permits and licenses, or interacting with providers, individuals can verify their identity and data securely and access services online, saving time and reducing bureaucracy.

Transparent utilities.

By enabling secure, accountable transaction traceability and verification of stakeholders, trust can be fostered between providers and consumers, and enhance overall efficiency in service delivery.

Verifiable licenses.

Public services can be made more transparent by offering a streamlined process for verifying licenses, ensuring authenticity, reducing administrative overhead, and building trust with users.


Educational institutions can provide secure and tamper-proof certification of academic and vocational achievements. From diplomas and transcripts to professional certifications, digital credentials make it easier for students and professionals to share their qualifications, simplifying the credential verification process.

Open badges.

By leveraging open badges, learners can be empowered with portable and verifiable proof of skills and accomplishments, facilitating their recognition and validation across various platforms and industries.

Verifiable certification.

Verifiable certification offers institutions an innovative solution to securely issue and verify academic and vocational achievements, enhancing learner experience and reducing the risk of fraud.

Cross-border trade.

Digital trade documents signed by verifiable identities streamline cross-border trade by simplifying customs processes, reducing paperwork, & enhancing supply chain transparency. Allowing secure sharing of trade-related information with authorities & partners, accelerating movement of goods, & reducing trade barriers.

Digital trade documents.

Verifiable digital trade documents empower businesses to securely sign and share documents, facilitating efficient, transparent transactions while mitigating trade barriers associated with authentication and verification.

Verifiable border control.

Verifiable identity and data ensures the seamless authentication of trade-related information across jurisdictions, expediting customs processes and bolstering supply chain integrity.

AuvoID provides end-to-end secure verifiable identity & data management.

Industry agnostic, interoperable, and user friendly, AuvoID can support cross-border, cross-sector use cases for every business, without you having to write a single line of code.

Entertainment and events.

Enabling secure ticketing, access control, and attendee verification, whether it’s a music festival, conference, or sporting event, organizers can issue verifiable digital tickets and credentials that are linked to attendees’ identities, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity, and improving the overall event experience.

Membership passes.

Attractions, cultural centres, and venues can leverage verifiable passes to mitigate fraud risks while optimizing guest experiences through efficient verification and access processes.

Event ticketing.

Secure, tamper-proof ticketing systems, ensure seamless access control and attendee authentication, enhancing the integrity and security of any event, be it corporate, music, sports, or cultural.

Travel & transport.

The travel and transportation industry is streamlining passenger verification processes and enhancing security through verifiable identity. From digital boarding passes to biometric passports, travellers can enjoy a seamless and secure journey while authorities can efficiently verify passengers’ identities and travel documents.

Flight tickets.

Tamper-proof digital flight tickets and boarding passes ensure enhanced passenger verification, helping to optimize travel experiences and streamline efficiency in boarding and border verification.

Local transport passes.

Verifiable local transport passes simplify access management, enabling swift validation of commuters' identities and travel entitlements, optimizing efficiency and convenience in urban mobility.


Retailers can offer personalized and frictionless shopping experiences to customers through digital verification processes. From loyalty programs to verifiable proof of purchase, retailers can leverage these technologies to enhance customer engagement, improve data security, and mitigate fraudulent activities.

Proof of authenticity.

Brands and retailers can ensure authenticity by enabling seamless verification of product origins and purchase histories, fostering trust between consumers and brands, and reducing brand fraud.

Loyalty programs.

Verifiable loyalty systems enable retailers to optimize programs by securely managing customer data and offering personalized rewards, fostering stronger customer relationships and enhancing brand loyalty.

Banking & finance.

Verifiable identity is becoming fundamental in the banking and finance sector for customer authentication, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance. From opening a bank account to conducting online transactions, individuals rely on digital credentials to securely access financial services while institutions mitigate risks and comply with stringent regulations.

Reusable KYC/AML.

Reusable KYC/AML processes allow financial providers secure and efficient verification of users, reducing redundant documentation, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring compliance.

Identity verification.

Verifiable identity allows institutions to expedite identity verification & onboarding procedures, fostering trust, reducing operational costs, and improving customer experiences in the financial sector.


Digital credentials play a critical role in healthcare by securely managing patient identities, medical records, and credentials for healthcare professionals. From electronic health records to digital prescriptions, these technologies improve patient care, enhance data security, facilitating interoperability among healthcare providers.

Digital health records.

Digital health records allow for the secure management of patient data for efficient exchange of sensitive medical information among healthcare providers, ultimately enhancing patient care and data security.

Verifiable prescriptions.

Verifiable prescriptions ensure safety and efficiency in medical care systems by securely linking them to patients' identities, reducing paperwork, mitigating fraud, and preventing mistreatment errors.

AuvoID brings you value through security, efficiency, and trust.

End-to-end verifiable identity management platform.

AuvoID allows your organization to create complex trust networks and build extensible verifiable identity and data ecosystems.

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From small business owners and startups, to governments and international institutions,everyone can openly explore an eIDAS 2.0 compliant future with AuvoID.

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