Comprehensive no-code verifiable identity & data management.

AuvoID puts the entire verifiable identity technology stack in one easy-to-use platform.

Designed with versatility and convenience in mind, AuvoID offers a wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of individuals and organizations across every sector.

Create trusted networks using the latest in verifiable identity technology.

Organization Identity.

Establish and manage verifiable digital identities for organizations, complete with customizable attributes and branding to enhance trust & credibility.

Passwordless Sign-On.

Streamline authentication processes with passwordless sign-on options, allowing users to access accounts and services seamlessly with standardized authentication.

Credential Templating.

Create custom credential templates tailored to your organization's specific requirements, ensuring consistency and compliance in credential issuance.

Biometric Verification.

Leverage the latest in global AI and biometrics to securely verify and onboard new users and clients ensuring privacy and compliance throughout.

Credential Issuance.

Securely issue verifiable credentials to individuals & organizations, leveraging cryptographic techniques to ensure tamper-proof authenticity & integrity.

Bulk Issue Credentials.

Integrate csv templates into your existing systems to easily manage credential content and bulk issue to thousands of users with one simple upload.

One platform.
A million use cases.

AuvoID is industry agnostic. Allowing any organization or business, in any sector the opportunity to customize verifiable data credentials to support their use case, from retail to cross-border trade, educational certificates to event ticketing, AuvoID allows you full flexibility to manage and create verifiable flows that suit your needs.

Custom Credential Templates

Add any information to any verifiable template to create complex credentials that can support any use case.

Predefine Credential Content

Customize verifiable data to be prefilled, added by you, or uploaded by users, for full flexibility in content authentication.

Manage your organization and team to streamline processes.

Multiple Identities.

Easily manage multiple identities within a single platform, enabling organizations to separate departments and branches to support permissioned distribution of verifiable data.

Public Organization Profile.

Showcase your organization's profile publicly, providing transparency and visibility to stakeholders and demonstrating your commitment to trust and accountability.

Custom Team Roles.

Define custom roles and permissions for team members within your organization, granting access to specific features and functionalities as required.

Public Schema Lists.

Access and publish comprehensive lists of credential schemas, ensuring collaborative transparency, interoperability, and compatibility across any platform.

Domain Linked Identity.

Link digital identities to specific web domains or organizations, enabling seamless integration and authentication across multiple platforms and services.

Public User Flows.

Create and share public user flows to guide users through identity verification and credential issuance processes, enhancing user experience and reducing friction.

All this, without a single line of code.

AuvoID empowers your organization with the tools required to easily explore the world of verifiable identity effectively, securely, and efficiently. Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, or an individual user, AuvoID has the features and flexibility to meet your unique identity management needs.

Experience the power of AuvoID today and take control of your digital identity journey.

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