Bringing value to every use case.

The need for secure and reliable verification of data and identity has never been greater.

With AuvoID, we believe in harnessing the power of verifiable identity and digital credentials to enable a wide range of use cases across various sectors.

Secure verification for identity onboarding and access management.

Passwordless sign-on.

By leveraging verifiable identity and biometric authentication, users can securely access their accounts with just a touch or a glance, enhancing both security and user experience.

Verifiable access.

Ensure secure access to physical and digital spaces with our access management solution. Verifiable digital credentials enable organizations to manage access permissions efficiently, granting or revoking access privileges in real-time.

Electronic voting.

Verifiable digital identities and secure voting platforms enable voters to cast their ballots remotely while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the election process.

Reusable KYC/AML.

Streamline onboarding processes while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. With verifiable KYC, individuals can securely share their identity information with multiple service providers, eliminating the need for complex paperwork.

Verifiable data for digital documents and certification.

Tamper-proof ticketing.

From concerts to conferences, sports events to travel, verifiable digital tickets enable seamless entry and access to events and experiences while reducing the risk of fraud and counterfeit tickets.

Digital trade documents.

Simplifying international trade, verifiable digital documents, such as invoices and certificates of origin, streamline the trade process, reducing paperwork, delays, and the risk of fraud.

Digital certification.

Securely issued verifiable certification empowers recipients to easily share their credentials and verifiable data, enhancing trust and credibility in the experiences and qualifications.

Open badges.

Open badges provide a portable and tamper-proof way to showcase skills, experiences, and accomplishments, whether in education, professional development, or volunteering.

Any use case, without a single line of code.

At AuvoDigital, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of verifiable identity and digital credentials across diverse use cases. 

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