Verifiable identity is complex technology. AuvoID makes it simple.

We take the entire verifiable identity technology stack and put it into one easy to use no-code platform. Allowing anyone to make use of it with zero technical know-how.



Years of experience


Years of experience


Years of experience


Years of experience

Currently it can take upwards of a year to fully research, test, and integrate verifiable identity and verifiable data technology into organization systems. With AuvoID you can get up and running testing and exploring your use case within minutes, not months.

Existing solutions are fragmented and usually serve only one purpose within the verifiable identity space, requiring most use cases to support the integration of 10-20 solutions to solve a single problem.

Navigate complex identity tech can be confusing.

There are hundreds of identity and credentialling solutions on the market, but each serves their own purpose, whether it’s KYC, AML, Digital Documents, Open Badges, Passwordless Access, User Authentication, Verifiable Ticketing, Mobile Wallets, etc. – each piece of the puzzle stands alone. This creates fragmented and complex research and development experiences for organizations and businesses, having to integrate countless solutions, run extensive testing and interoperability processes and in many cases having to swap solutions half way through the experience.

Custom verifiable flows

With AuvoID, these solutions come together in one place. You can create complex and custom user flows that support every piece of the puzzle, onboard users with biometric verification, have them compllete logic based onboarding, issue thm verifiable access credentials, allow them to sign on with passwordless login, create digital trade documents, and sign verifiable data for any use case. You decide.

Regulatory frameworks are becoming more advanced and bringing verifiable identity and verifiable data to the mandatory level, leaving businesses and organizations under pressure to stay compliant.

Mandatory regulations are a pressing concern.

Whether it’s eIDAS 2.0 and EU Digital Identity Wallet in the EU, or the ISO Mobile Drivers License in the USA, verifiable identity technology is being written into legislation and regulatory frameworks. This can leave businesses unprepared for the complex task at hand to integrate such technologies into existing systems with short timeframes of just 2 years before technology becomes Mandatory.

Compliant by design.

Built using open standards and regulatory frameworks that are written into legislation, such as W3C, OpenID, eIDAS 2.0, ISO, etc. AuvoID is designed to be fully compliant with upcoming regulatory changes. As these regulations evolve and change, so to will AuvoID, to ensure you remain compliant and up-to-date with the latest in framework developments, without having to worry about a thing.

Developing stand alone verifiable identity solutions is an expensive experience, often costing in the hundreds of thousands of euros, leaving organizations with heavy resource drains for integration and research.

Complex technology requires specialist skills.

With verifiable identity being a complex technology that requires cryptography knowledge, systems architecture design, and a host of other specialist experiences, developing solutions and integrating it into current systems is a costly and time consuming process. Leaving organizations no option but to expend large allocations of resources to research and development of solutions.

Low cost entry.

AuvoID is accessible for everyone, whether you are an individual, a start-up, an enterprise or government, you can start experienceing and testing AuvoID for free, allowing you to scale your testing and research as you scale your use case proof of concepts and pilots. A free entry level allows a zero risk approach to exploring the complex world of verifiable identity for everyone.

We are experts in verifiable identity.

The team at AuvoDigital have been working in the verifiable identity space for years. With a Google developer and mentor at the helm, we are experienced and understanding of enterprise and small business requirements.

We know verifiable tech.

Contributors to standards and developers of open source libraries and frameworks that have been used thousands of times, we have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of verifiable identity technology and the regulatory aspects of its use at the highest level having worked and consulted for international NGOs and UNESCO institutions.

We learn as we build.

Having spent over three years building out the AuvoID platform we have built a system based on what organizations and institutions want, not what we think they need. We have engaged with countless stakeholders from the smallest to the biggest and have shaped solutions that hold the features necessary to gain easy access to this complex technology.

Let us help you.

Progress can’t be made without taking those first steps. So, why waste any time, let us know how we can help you gain value from integrating verifiable identity technology into your business.

Good things come from collaboration

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